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Stepping back in time..

Published June 15, 2012 by veryrarebeauty143

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Let me go back. Way back before all the hurt and the pain.
As far back as I remember- which would be me as a child. About 5-6 years old, an innocent happy individual. I had no care in the world. Life was my playground and all I ever knew was that my mommy loved me and always did her best to keep me happy.
She always tried to throw me the best birthday parties. Invited some family and close friends. And I always loved the gifts I opened. When I look back at some of the pictures of me as a child, and it makes me appreciate my mother so much. I know it was hard raising me. I always wanted so much. Attention, gifts, freedom, understanding..etc. I know I was spoiled. I didnt like hearing no.
As I got older, I began to hear the word ALOT more than I was used to. And that is when the rebel in my formed.

Fast forwarding about 5 years later, I moved to a new city. Not too far from where I was, but it was a change. New school, new friends, new boys, new EVERYTHING. I was a bit shy, but everyone made me feel comfortable. I liked the change. I wanted to hang out with all these new people and I didnt want to follow mom’s rules anymore. I decided to make my own.

Thinking back, I now realize how quickly I went from innocent to rebellious. I had so many people influencing me and I just wanted to fit in. I had company at my house when I was told not to, I stayed outside past the time I was asked to be in, and I loved it.
It wasn’t until I got caught that my world came crashing down. The new disciplinary action called PUNISHMENT (being grounded) took effect. And that was when I lost it.

…To be continued…
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