The Intro

Published August 17, 2012 by veryrarebeauty143

Every story consists of moments of happiness, sadness, overcoming obstacles and a somewhat happy ending where all problems get solved. My story is different.
Imagine a world with so many twists and turns that it is difficult to stand still. A chain reaction of events that led up to an ultimate downfall. No one to pick you up. No one that understands what you’re going through. Just you alone in a room full of darkness and misunderstandings.
Welcome to my world. A place no one has ever understood, full of secrets and surprises that will shock everyone.

“Why are you such a bitch?” She asks after a heated conversation and a few words thrown around that hurt feelings.
Sometimes I ask myself that same question. Although, I feel I have a reason. The moments I held in my thoughts when I wanted to explode. Everytime they called me out of my name. All the jokes and laughter made on my account. It had been too many years and I was done allowing others to take my kindness for weakness. So I spoke. However and whatever was on my mind I said. No remorse or regrets for my actions or harsh choice of words. For that I was called a bitch.

She looked at me with a deep evil stare that made me want to scream. I awaited her next move or question. But the look I gave back must have answered her question without a need to reply. The room fell silent. I asked myself why I spent so many days with a person I’d hated for months. She wasn’t the same girl I met years before. Yet sometimes I wonder if I ever really knew the real her. She wasnt like me, and that’s what drew me closer and allowed me to befriend her so easily. Finding out who she really was made the friendship even easier to dismiss. There was only one thing holding me back: the child.

A beautiful baby boy born just a year after I met her. His eyes made me melt at the sight of them every time I held him. He was innocent and sweet. I loved him unconditionally, and he loved me. God mommy. It was such an honor. As he got older, issues arose from time to time with his mother which resulted in a period of absence on my behalf. It hurt me every time I couldn’t see his adorable face. I knew I had to keep my distance, otherwise the situation would get worse. I loved him like he was my own and was willing to do whatever I could for him.
Once the friendship escalated to a point of no return, I had to address it to him and his mother that I wouldn’t be around anymore. It cut me so deep that I felt my heart shatter piece by piece. He’s too young to understand what has happened. No one will explain it to him. Only one left out of the equation now is me: hurt and betrayed.

…To be continued…


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